Meet Katie

Katie Vanorden de Assis | Life Coach

Nice to meet you. It’s taken me 15 years in business to figure out my systems and develop my business and coaching strategies to a point where I feel synthesized. Although I love what I do and take it very seriously, joy, inner connection, and the spirit of play are my rocks. I love my clients, and it’s one of my gifts to be able to see what’s possible – and see your best even when you can’t. That's my job - holding the space of possibility for you, and helping you to navigate the journey from here to there in a way that’s fun, self-affirming, and do-able. Yes, there will also be obstacles and challenges, but that's why it’s awesome to have a coach. I know – I’ve seen what a difference can make. I could say – sure, I could have done it on my own, but my coaches have sped up my learning curve, taught me invaluable tools, and helped me become a better me. As an entrepreneur/ business owner, I think it's a necessity.


You are a rockin’ soul. You probably love life, although you sometimes wish life wasn’t so hard, overwhelming and confusing. You have a philosophy of Kaizen – the Japanese principle of continuous improvement. You have been working on yourself and to improve your relationships, circumstances and life for years. You like to have fun and relax too, but you know we’re on this earth to learn. You strive to be true to yourself, and connected to your heart. Your deepest desire is to uncover your true path and highest work in life. You may not have a clear picture, or even any idea what that will look like – that’s cool – almost all of us started there! – Or you may already know what that is - what you want to do, how you want to serve – you’re just not sure how to make that pay the bills!

Your deepest question is how can you do both – be deeply, peacefully happy AND successful and financially strong. Though money is not your primary objective in life, you like being successful, and you're tired of selling yourself short. You are strong, creative, independent, and sometimes all over the place. (hey, I get that!) You have great ideas, but sometimes no idea what to do next or how to implement them. Other times your inspiration well seems to have dried up – you feel deeply tired and want to give up. Of course you don’t because that’s not who you are, but inside you’re disappointed that life isn’t easier and working better for you, and you’re not sure what to do about it.


As your coach, I’ll help you prioritize what you really want in life and business, and teach you how to use your intuition (we all have it!) to navigate your to dos and decisions. We’ll strategize your journey to your dream goals, and root out the pesky thoughts, fears and beliefs that get in your way. I’ll insist you have fun, prioritize you, and celebrate as you baby step your way to your goals. Learning to enjoy and appreciate your days and your journey is as important as reaching where you’re headed; it also helps you get there faster. Sound intriguing? Click the Let's Chat button to schedule time to talk with me - it's free! Your turn to tell me about you, ask questions and learn more.